Print by Dado

Print by Dado

Dado – Biographical timeline
The 1960s

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The mill at Hérouval. Photo: Domingo Djuric.

1960Dado moves into an old mill at Hérouval, near Gisors. Réquichot visits regularly him at weekends.

Dado at Hérouval in 1961
Dado at Hérouval in 1961. Photo: Iannis Xenakis.

1961Dado is deeply affected by the death of Bernard Réquichot. This year also sees a new exhibit at Daniel Cordier’s gallery.

1962Dado stays in New York for three months, there meeting Hessie, a Cuban painter whom he marries, becoming the adoptive father of her two children, Yasfaro and Domingo. Hans Bellmer and his partner Unica Zürn visit Hérouval.

Dado, Yasfaro and Domingo Untitled
Left: Dado, Yasfaro and Domingo.
Right: Untitled [Rooftop in New York], 1962, pencil on paper, 60,5 × 45,5 cm.
Yanitza and Dado Hessie and Malcolm
Left: Dado and Yanitza.
Right: Dado’s wife and their youngest son.

1963Dado becomes friends with Fahlström, one of the Cordier gallery’s other artists.

Jean Delpech at Hérouval Quilici at Hérouval in 1968
Left: Jean Delpech at Hérouval in 1964.
Right: Louis Quilici at Hérouval in 1968.

1964Final show at the gallery of Daniel Cordier who shortly after announces its closure.

1965Hans Bellmer comes to Hérouval with André-François Petit. They start to collaborate in 1970. Birth of Yanitza; Unica Zürn is her godmother.

Dado (Miodrag Djuric) et Kateb Yacine
Germaine de Liencourt, Kateb Yacine, Dado, Domingo and Yasfaro at Hérouval, c. 1966.

1966Dado does his first engraving at Georges Visat’s.

Dado’s first engraving Dado and Alain Controu
Left: Dado’s first engraving, drypoint on copper, plate 11 × 14 cm, pulled on Arches paper 28 × 38 cm.
Right: Dado and Alain Controu.
1967Dado continues to make engravings. He realizes 25 plates with assistance from Alain Controu.
Dado and his uncle Mirko Kujačić
Dado and his uncle Mirko Kujačić in 1967. Photo: Michel Braticevic.
Large fresco (detail)
Large fresco, 1966, oil on canvas, 43 × 250 cm (detail).
Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Paris.
En dépôt au musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole (© Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole, cl. Pierre Guenat).
Dado preparing lithographic stone
Dado preparing lithographic stone at Hérouval in 1968. Photo: Alain Zingg.

1968First State purchase: a painting, Hérouval (1967) and a Large fresco (1966) enter the collections of the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain. Dado realizes his first lithographs, pulled in a few copies, as gifts to friends who visit him. Birth of Malcolm. Michel Leiris visits his studio. Roland Penrose buys a painting.

Tableau acheté par Roland Penrose à Dado
The picture Roland Penrose bought from Dado. Untitled, 1967, 50 × 50 cm. Photo: Antony Penrose.
Print by Dado (Miodrag Djuric)