The Dado Syndrome

Dado: Métissages (RTCG)
with English subtitles

Dado: ukrštanja / Métissages (52 min.)
A film by Snežana Nikčević and Sanja Blečić (2011).

This documentary, broadcasted on Television of Montenegro on May 31st 2011, was realized at the time when the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris opened the exhibition room called: “Homage to Dado, 1933 to 2010”, dedicated to the great Montenegrin painter who was at the same time a big name at the art scene in France.
“I became bicephalous: I have two heads – one Montenegrin, and other ostensibly Western” said Dado Djuric, and that sentence reflects the initial idea for this documentary, the first in a series titled Métissages, devoted to significant artists who were formed under the influence of different cultures, climates, civilizations, and to whose work this blend was fruitful and beneficial.
Dado spent more than 50 years in France, and in this documentary, his French friends, art critics, gallery owners and his children speak about him. The film also contains archival footage of his interview for Television of Montenegro, taken in artist’s studio in Hérouval in 2002, as well as videos and images recorded by his friends and family.
In this film Dado also stated that “the artist can not be defined … in order to be able to do so, you must first wait until he dies, and then see how his work is holding up…” Other protagonists in this film include very competent persons such as Catherine Millet, art critic and head of editorial board of Art Press magazine, then a famous artist Erró, gallery owners Daniel Cordier and Jean-Francois Jaeger, they are all convinced that time is yet to show how great artist Dado was and that with time his work will only gain in strength and importance.