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couverture Peindre debout

Peindre debout

Author: Dado

Foreword: Anne Tronche

Edited by Amarante Szidon

Soft-cover: 288 pages

Publisher: L’Atelier contemporain – François-Marie Deyrolle éditeur (13 juin 2016)

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Cet ouvrage de référence réunit pour la première fois 23 entretiens réalisés sur quatre décennies avec l’artiste monténégrin Dado (Miodrag Djuric, dit) (1933-2010), établi en France à partir de 1956, très tôt repéré par Jean Dubuffet et Daniel Cordier, son premier marchand. Artiste complet s’il en est, Dado livre ici une parole véritablement plastique, s’emparant de la langue avec une puissance créatrice hors du commun, comme il s’emparait de chaque médium : dessin, peinture, gravure, collages, décors d’opéra, sculpture, installations in situ, œuvres numériques. Accompagnant cette parole d’un appareil scientifique conséquent, l’ouvrage dresse le portrait d’un homme singulier, qui se présentait volontiers comme un « exilé volontaire » et livre les clés de compréhension indispensables pour appréhender son œuvre – une œuvre souvent mal comprise, consacrée au vivant, « creuset d’une palpitation passionnelle jamais lassée » (Anne Tronche).

Dado. Horama

Dado. Horama

Author: Collectif

Soft-cover: 144 pages

Publisher: abbaye d’Auberive (juin 2015)

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Catalogue d’exposition 2015 du Centre d’art contemporain de l’abbaye d’Auberive. Cet ouvrage présente plus de quatre-vingts œuvres qui couvrent la carrière de l’artiste de 1954 à 2009.
→ Préface d’Alexia VOLOT, commissaire de l’exposition
→ Portrait de l’artiste par Harry BELLET (historien de l'art, il travaille au Centre Pompidou avant de devenir journaliste culturel au journal Le Monde)
→ Entretien entre Dado et Michael PEPPIATT (historien de l’art du XXe siècle, critique d’art au journal Le Monde puis au New York Times et au Financial Times, il dirige la revue Art International à partir de 1985)
→ Biographie, bibliographie, liste des expositions établies par Amarante SZIDON (fille de l’artiste)

Illustrations en couleur, 24 × 30 cm.

Claude Louis-Combet


Author: Claude Louis-Combet

Soft-cover: 144 pages

Publisher: Éditions Virgile (novembre 2012)

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This book is not a chapter in the history of contemporary art. It does not claim to identify the place of Dado among the artists of his generation. This is not a monograph, but through the staging of texts that compose it and were published, in their time, according to the circumstances and opportunities, this book is essentially the testimony of a friendship fed meetings and exchanges for more than twenty years. Each page strives to tell the correct consistency, richness and sense of existential reports that the artist had with characters who roamed his imagination and arose from the bottom of his sarcastic and painful memory.
In the last few years of his life, Dado was full of interest for the realization of this book. The suite of drawings published here was composed specially in the thinking of this edition.
It is in the memory and with the greatest affection we offer to Dado (1933-2010) this book tribute.

Claude Louis-Combet

cover Les Viscères polychromes de la peste brune

Les viscères polychromes
de la peste brune
(Multicolored viscera
of the brown plague)

Authors: Jann-Marc Rouillan, Dado

Soft-cover: 65 pages

Publisher: Éditions de la Différence (May 14, 2009)

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Following an indecent banquet, your world dozes off.
Let’s leave the bastards to their reactionary slumbers while we pray on the sly for the return of Marat and his suppurating itches.
While on your sun-drenched beaches, the brown plague gets a tan. In the shadows, an unseen revolution seethes.
Would that the clear voice of Saint-Just would rise again to call for your heads and for the executioner to sever them.
Would that the sans-culottes might flood in from their slums and stick your pretty noodles on a pike.
Would that, from their tombs and unmarked graves where you dumped their bodies, our long-dead heroes might surge forth, those of Year II and our fathers the Communards, they’d be delighted to put you through the mincer.”

Jann-Marc Rouillan
Marseille, March 8, 2008
Baumettes Prison

Cover rejected by the publisher
Cover rejected by the publisher

Les Oiseaux d’Irène
(The Birds of Irène)

Authors: Dado, Claude Louis-Combet, Pierre Nahon, Yanitza Djuric

Soft-cover: 125 pages

Publisher: Éditions de la Différence (August 23, 2007)

Collection : Les Irréguliers

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“[For] twenty, thirty, forty years now, Dado has been obsessing us with his cortege of little hybrid monsters, violent, frenetic, and pathetic. […] The pointy and scratchy, the ungulate and pedunculate, the crafty and the vindictive – an extensive and excessive fauna cursed by the misfortune of existing and let loose in the void of space – a nightmare, with neither house nor home.
Between ecstasy and aggression, hordes of degenerates have been spotted proliferating over walls in Sérignan, at Gisors, in Grainville-Ymonville, fleeing untold horror and terror, sowing horror and terror.”
The Birds of Irène is one of these nightmares. Drawn in memory of Irène Némirovsky who died in Auschwitz in 1942, they possess, in the words of Claude Louis-Combet, “for all eternity, the leaden weight of insatiability, of a love destroyed. To that, Dado adds: ‘Irene’s face was strikingly beautiful. My mother bore a strange resemblance to her; she was her spit and image.’”

cover Le blockhaus de Dado

Le Blockhaus de Dado – Fécamp 2003-2006

Authors: Dado, Claude Louis-Combet, Régis Bocquel, Yanitza Djuric

Soft-cover: 57 pages

Publisher: Éditions CGB Galerie (July 20, 2007)

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Following a profitable collaboration with bronze-founder Régis Bocquel, Dado took over the blockhouse at Fécamp (a R612 campaign casemate unit, built in about 1942 by the German Occupiers). He decorated the walls and installed bronzes. Photos by Régis Bocquel. Texts by Claude Louis-Combet and Yanitza Djuric.

cover Dado Notes du dehors

Notes du Dehors
(Notes from the Outside)

Authors: Dado, Matthieu Messagier

Soft-cover: 80 pages

Publisher: Léo Scheer (April 13, 2005)

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Interlarding drawings by Dado and texts by Matthieu Messagier, this book places side by side the chiseled delicacy of poetry with the chromatic power of line. From this is born a hybrid, as if organic, piece in which words and sensations fuse to make a new reading experience.

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